nursery costing

When it comes to costing, here at Absolute we understand all nurseries work in different ways. We have come up with 3 options that may help  you decide how you’d like the nursery session to be funded:

1. Nursery Funded

The nursery funds 100% of the activity, paid per month or per term. The nursery will manage which children participate weekly and inform the coach. Absolute offer generous discounts to nurseries who fund our courses when booking more than one session per week.

2. Parent Funded

Parents fund 100% of the activity, paid per term to the nursery. Absolute would then invoice the nursery for the sessions we have completed.

3. Shared Funding

The nursery pays a percentage of the cost and asks parents to subsidise the remaining fees on a termly basis paying the nursery directly. It is the nursery’s decision on what percentage to contribute.

If you’d like to find out more about our Nursery CostingOptions please get in touch and contact George by email at